Five Reasons Why Self Storage is a Great Gift for Dad

Whether we’re talking Father’s Day or Birthdays, finding a gift for dad isn’t easy. He doesn’t need any more ties, candy, aftershave, or golf shirts. What dad really needs is some extra space. A self storage unit is the perfect gift for the dad that has a special hobby, extra tools, or a classic car.

Self storage units are available in a wide range of types and sizes. Flexible month-to-month leasing means that you never have to worry about a long-term commitment, and many of these spaces are equipped with power and lighting. Check the Universal Storage Group website to see what’s available.

Keep in mind that your Dad may be a fishing, golfing, or hunting enthusiast, or maybe antique cars and woodworking are more his thing. A self storage unit is perfectly suited to all of these interests and more.

Here are a few ideas to get you started thinking about how a self storage unit would be the perfect fit for your dad and his hobbies.

Why Self Storage is a Great Gift for Dad

He’s an Outdoor Enthusiast

If your Dad enjoys outdoor activities, he probably has tons of equipment that’s disorganized and utilizing space that can be put to better use. Does the camping gear make it impossible to keep the cars in the garage? Is walking through your basement like navigating an obstacle course of fishing and hunting paraphernalia? Are there boxes of seasonal clothing for these adventures stored in the attic? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” Dad definitely needs extra space.

A small self storage unit can store coolers, camp chairs, tables, lanterns, grills, and anything else that he needs for the outdoor life. Fishing rods and tackle boxes can be stashed on shelving, and he can find open or enclosed storage for his boat at most facilities. These items will always be waiting for Dad when he needs them, and they will no longer take up valuable space in the home.

He’s a Classic Car Fan

Whether Dad’s classic or antique car is a hobby, an investment, or both, it’s his passion. A secure, climate-controlled self storage unit is critical to maintain the car in perfect condition. He probably drives it rarely, if at all, keeping it safely stored away for long periods of time. A self storage unit will not only keep his vehicle secure but will give him a quiet place to enjoy tinkering without interruption.

He’s a Golf Addict

If your Dad is obsessed with golf and golf equipment, he needs to get the multiple golf bags, golf accessories, and sets of golf clubs out of the basement. He’ll tell you that he needs all of this equipment because golfers need the newest drivers, up-to-date stand-alone putters, and top-of-the-line, technologically correct golf balls. All of this stuff can be secure and protected from damage and deterioration in a climate-controlled unit. He’ll be thrilled, and so will mom.

He’s in Love with Woodworking

If your Dad is creative and loves woodworking, he needs a lot of space for large saws and benches. Not all homes are equipped with the needed room to use these tools properly. A self storage unit that is outfitted with power and lighting is the best area available to create the beautiful pieces that make him happy.

He’s Obsessed with Tools

Does your Dad own a modest collection of tools for DIY projects and household chores, or is he a general contractor with an extensive collection of construction tools? Either way, it’s important that these tools are stored properly to prevent damage. Storing tools, especially power tools, in your garage or basement is not the best option. They’ll be subject to damage from extreme temperature and humidity conditions.

More importantly, if there are young children in the home, tools can be dangerous. The natural curiosity of a child is going to attract them to these curious-looking implements. Self storage is Dad’s solution for a place to keep his tools safe and organized.


You probably didn’t wake up this morning thinking, “Let’s get Dad a self storage unit for his next gift.” In fact, you probably don’t have many ideas for a great gift for the man who is always there for you. In any case, if Dad has his own space for his interests and hobbies, he will be forever grateful, and the rest of the family will love having the extra space at home.