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Business Storage

Whether your business needs inventory space or office space, Universal Storage Group can supply both! At USG, we understand that every business is unique with different needs which is why we designed storage facilities equipped to help you reach your business and storage goals.From independent contractors to realtors to budding entrepreneurs, Universal Storage Group has thought of every feature you might need to take your business to the next level.

Business Storage Features

At USG, we offer more than a storage unit for your growing inventory, we also offer office suites and co-working spaces at select locations so you can take care of inventory and the books in one trip! We even offer package acceptance and extended office hours so you can take care of business on your schedule.

Other offerings we provide to business owners include:

Month-to-month leases
Flexible leases allow you to rent for exactly how long you need and don’t lock you into a long-term contract.

Drive-up storage units
Load and unload your unit directly from your moving vehicle.

Package delivery acceptance
Send gifts, packages from friends and family, and online orders directly to your storage unit.

Affordable prices
You’ll always have peace of mind thanks to our competitive, straightforward pricing.

How Big of a Storage Unit Do I Need for My Business?

Whether your business is a party of one or many, we offer plenty of storage solutions for your business:

5×5 storage unit
the size of a small walk-in closet; perfect for storing office supplies or documents

5×10 storage unit
the size of a small shed; ideal for storing office and cleaning supplies

10×10 storage unit
the size of a small garage; large enough to store additional office furniture lawn care and contractor equipment

10×15 storage unit
the size of a large bedroom; ideal for storing lawn care and contractor equipment

10×20 storage unit
the size of a small garage; perfect for storing home staging furniture and decor

10×30 storage unit
the size of a large garage; large enough to store retail inventory

Size Guide

Once you’ve moved your toy to its new home, you might need a place to store your boating, fishing, or road trip equipment.

Find the right-sized unit with our unit size guide.

Which Businesses Can Benefit from Business Storage?

It’s easy to assume that the only businesses that can benefit from self storage are those with inventory, but with USG’s diverse business features, a stop at your unit can easily be a one-stop shop for all your business needs:

Contractors—Whether it’s construction, home remodeling, or lawn care, our units are a perfect place to store your equipment and materials

Realtors—When you’re in between home showings or need to change the aesthetic of a home for sale, storing your furniture in one of our units makes for easy staging.

Retail Store Owners—If your stock room is getting cluttered or you need a place to store seasonal items, our storage units can help you make valuable space.

Entrepreneurs—Even if you don’t have inventory to speak of, we offer office units and suites so you can build your empire, do payroll, and more.

Let USG Help You Organize Your Business

Whether you need an office or a storage unit, Universal Storage Group can provide both. For versatile units and convenient features for your business find a facility near you and rent your unit online today!