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Student Storage

Student life is full of adjustments. One of the biggest adjustments students face is finding the storage space they need. College dorms, apartments, and rental houses often lack the elbow room that students typically enjoy back home.Rather than do without knick-knacks, seasonal clothes, and other belongings, there’s a way you can create storage space close to campus: a self storage unit from Universal Storage Group.Whether you need more closet space or a larger unit to store all your college furniture over the summer, we’ve got you covered with our wide selection of storage unit sizes.Learn more about our student storage solutions below or find a Universal Storage Group facility near you today!

Student Storage Features

In addition to a wide selection of unit sizes, we’re proud to provide several convenient features and amenities designed with students’ needs in mind. To keep our units affordable for the collegiate storage renter, we offer month-to-month leases. You’ll never have to pay for your unit longer than you need it!

Planning to store your college furniture, clothing, or other items over the summer during the break? A climate controlled unit is perfect for you. Unlike a standard unit, a climate controlled unit provides a stable storage environment for wooden furniture, electronics, vinyl records, and other sensitive belongings, no matter what the forecast may hold.

Other features you’ll enjoy at your local Universal Storage Group storage facility include:

Month-to-month leases
Flexible leases allow you to rent for exactly how long you need and don’t lock you into a long-term contract.

Drive-up storage units
Load and unload your unit directly from your moving vehicle.

Package delivery acceptance
Send gifts, packages from friends and family, and online orders directly to your storage unit.

Affordable prices
You’ll always have peace of mind thanks to our competitive, straightforward pricing.

How big of a storage unit should I rent for my student storage needs?

The storage unit size you need depends on how many items you have to store, and how long you plan to store them. At Universal Storage Group, our storage facilities include a wide range of storage unit sizes for all kinds and levels of storage needs. Common storage unit sizes for student storage include:

5×5 storage unit
the size of a small walk-in closet; ideal for miscellaneous boxes

5×10 storage unit
the size of a small shed; ideal for bedroom or office storage

10×10 storage unit
the size of a small garage; can fit the belongings of a one-bedroom apartment

10×15 storage unit
the size of a large bedroom, can fit the contents of a two-bedroom apartment or home

10×20 storage unit
the size of a small garage; can fit a three- or four-bedroom home

10×30 storage unit
the size of a large garage; can fit a four- or five-bedroom home

Size Guide

Not sure which unit you need? Check out our helpful online unit size guide. And, of course, what size unit you need depends on how efficiently you want to pack your unit. We can help with those tips, too!

How can I use my student storage unit?

The sky is nearly the limit for your student storage unit. From cozy sweaters and coats to books, musical instruments, and more, you’ve got a wide range of items you can put in your unit. There are a few ways you cannot use your storage unit, however. You cannot live in your unit, keep live animals in your unit, or store stolen property, flammable materials, or perishable food items.

Rent Your Student Storage Solution Today

With affordable storage units from Universal Storage Group, you can practically get a degree in creating storage space. Don’t forget to ask about our 4.0 Student Storage Packages, available at most USG facilities. These pre-paid summer storage solutions can help take the stress out of moving in and out of the dorms. Find one of our storage facilities near you and rent your storage unit online today!