Give Mom What She Really Wants for Mother’s Day – Self Storage

Do you have any idea what your Mom really wants for Mother’s Day? Depending on what phase of motherhood she’s in, it could be anything from a good night’s sleep and breakfast in bed to a day of shopping without the kids. Some moms love jewelry and unique home accessories and some love flowers and good books.

You may, however, have a mom who wants nothing but a clean, tidy home. She’s tired of shoving clutter into closets and corners, and she’d like to actually use the garage for her car and not as a warehouse for the overflow that no longer fits in the house.

What is the best gift for this type of mom? How about a self storage unit?

At first glance, she may not be excited. After all, it’s not a spa day or a designer handbag; but when she realizes that she’ll be able to use the garage for her car, she’ll warm up to the idea. Not to mention all of the extra space she’ll have in the house. Maybe she’ll get that craft room she’s always wanted, or a quiet space to read. Maybe she can finally organize her home office. There are so many benefits to having that extra storage space. Here at Universal Storage Group, we have the sizes and types of secure, affordable storage that are the perfect fit for Mom’s needs.

Why Mom Needs A Self Storage Unit for Mother’s Day

Mom Would Love to Keep Her Car in the Garage

Mom is very tired of lugging groceries into the house by way of the driveway, up to the front door, and on to the kitchen in the back of the house. This is especially annoying in the rain, snow, and wind. And you wonder why she’s always in a bad mood on grocery shopping day. How convenient would it be for her to be able to park inside the garage and walk right into the kitchen with the heavy bags and containers?

It’s time for you to empty and organize the garage. Separate the usable items from the junk. If you have items you’ll never use again, discard them, and pack up the useful items for the storage unit. Arrange the unit so that the things you use frequently are toward the front. For some tips on packing your unit for easy access read Packing and Storage Tips.

Mom Would Love an Organized Home Office Space

Mom is tired of sharing her home office with random bags, boxes, and broken toys, and the litter box has to go.  It’s time to find a new home for all of this stuff, including the cat. Some of these boxes have been in this room since you moved in and who knows what is in all of these bags. Up to this point, the family mantra has been, “I don’t know what to do with this. Throw it in Mom’s office.”

The broken toys need to be repaired and donated or discarded. Open the boxes and decide what to keep and what goes. Put the litter box in the basement, and take a trip to the storage unit with the useful items.

Give the room a good cleaning and maybe a new coat of paint; buy mom some classy, sophisticated office furniture, lamps, and accessories; and then close the door and leave her alone. Mom will be a happier and more productive employee.

Mom Would Love a Backyard Escape, Otherwise Known as a She Shed

You have a shed in the backyard. At one time it was an attractive structure that resembled a smaller version of the main house. Now it looks like a survivor of Hurricane Katrina.The paint is chipped, boards hanging are loose, windows are broken, and the door is missing. As a result, it has become a haven for things like lawn furniture that was mangled by a weedeater and broken tools that haven’t seen the light of day since 1982. Not to mention raccoons, possums, and mice.

Now comes the good part. As with the garage and home office, clean, sort and discard when necessary. Take everything that you can’t part with to your convenient self storage unit, and pack it away neatly. Leave some extra room; you never know when you’ll need more space.

Repaint, repair, and remodel this dilapidated structure into a place where mom can relax and have some “me” time, allowing her personality and creativity to run free. Or she can just drink wine and do nothing. The point is that this will be a place for her to have some privacy and be away from the demands of the kids, the job, and the house. She will return to the house refreshed and ready to tackle her daily tasks (maybe).


Whatever you decide to do for Mom, it won’t matter. She loves everything you do, and she will keep whatever you give her forever – even a self storage unit. Yes, she can be annoying and a little overwhelming at times. I know some people who have referred to their Mom as a “stalker.” Moms worry. As she gets older you may have concerns about what she might say or do in public. But there will never be anyone who unconditionally has your back and loves you as she does.

So get her a storage unit. She wants a place for your old toys.