If You Give Your Dad a Self Storage Unit

What do all dads want the most for Father’s Day: custom fit golf clubs, top of the line fishing gear, or maybe Samsung’s insane 292 inch Wall TV? Not really. What they truly want is peace and quiet. They want their own space – a place to escape the noise, take a break, pursue their own interests or just hang out and do nothing.

There is one way that you can give Dad the space he really wants: You can rent him a climate-controlled self storage unit, where he can have some alone time. Don’t be surprised if he looks bored when you reveal his gift; once you tell him what it’s for, his boredom will turn to delight.

If You Give Your Dad a Self Storage Unit…

If you give your Dad a storage unit, he’ll think he has to clean the garage, but you’ll explain that it’s for his quiet place. He’ll love it more than a TV, but he’ll need a few accessories.

Dad will immediately want to buy a recliner. After the recliner is delivered, he’ll realize that he needs new carpet because he doesn’t want to put that expensive recliner on a concrete floor.

He’ll call Mom to help him choose a carpet because she has great taste and an eye for interior decoration.

Now that he has a recliner and carpeting, he needs a TV. He does not need to call his wife to help him choose a TV. He knows what he wants.

Dad suddenly realizes the unit doesn’t have electricity, so he has to switch to larger size unit with power. Self Storage Management is very accommodating and happy to help. He buys a 55” smart TV and has it installed.

Now that he has a smart TV, he needs a cable package, as well as Netflix, the NFL channel, and any other available sports channels available.

After watching the PGA Tour, he is inspired to buy a new putter, because he has a great place work on his putting without interruption.

To practice putting properly, Dad needs an indoor putting green. He orders one from Amazon.

After a couple of months of putting and watching TV in solitude Dad is feeling lonely. So he invites a friend to join him.

He knows he and his buddy will want to have a beer together, so he buys a Kegerator. It’s a good thing he has a unit with power.

Now that Dad has a Kegerator, he needs snacks. Thank goodness there is a grocery store across the street. What a lucky break.

While Dad is voraciously consuming his pork rinds and beer nuts, his mind is wandering.

He loves his Kegerator, his TV, his recliner, and his putting green, but something is missing. What could that be??

After some deep thought and brilliant conversation with his buddy, Dad has an epiphany. The missing piece is a golf simulator!! – very expensive, but It will be safe and secure in the self-storage facility.

Fortunately, the storage has flexible, month-to-month leasing, so he was able to upgrade to a gigantic 10 x 30 foot unit.

Now that he has a golf simulator, those custom made clubs are a must.

Dad wants all of his friends to see the new clubs, so he needs another Kegerator.

Uh-oh. Guess who comes to visit while he’s entertaining his buddies? Mom is not pleased when she calculates the expenditures that came along with the unit. This is going to cost him.

It’s a good thing that self storage is affordable, because his other purchases are on the high side. And…he’s not quite done spending yet.

When you give your Dad a self storage unit for Father’s Day, you get a family vacation to Maui, a new car for Mom, MacBook Pro 2020s for the kids…