Make Summerville, SC, Your Next Day Trip Adventure

If you’re planning your summer or future vacations, but your schedule is too packed for a week-long trip or even a weekend trip, consider embarking on a day trip to Summerville, South Carolina. The myriad of activities and things to do in Summerville, SC, for solo travelers, families, kids, couples, and everyone with a budget or money to spend makes it a hotspot for a good time.

Located just a short drive from Charleston, SC, Summerville has claimed fame as “The Flower Town in the Pines.” Just as it sounds, the nature-oriented and rich culture will shift your summer towards Summerville, the place of small-town charm. Although the list of things to do below is specifically curated, nearly anyone can enjoy every single adventure offered, and we’ve compiled the lists of places and tips to make your trip worth your time.

Best Activities for Kids in Summerville, SC

Parents and families who want activities to keep their kids engaged should take a day trip to let their children run around, get out energy, breathe in the fresh air, and even be in educational environments. There are plenty of things to do with kids in Summerville, SC, including,

  • Flowertown Players Children’s Theatre – This local theatre could be fun for a day or maybe even a summer camp! Don’t miss out on the artistic hub that focuses on the talent and curiosity of kids.
  • Summerville Library – Check out the Summerville Library and summer events list for a storytelling session, craft workshops, and other programs for all ages.
  • Gahagan Park – This park with a castle that kids can climb will keep your little ones’ imaginations running for hours with whatever dream world they can conjure up.
  • Saul Alexander Park – With a recent remodel, this park was designed for children of all abilities to be able to enjoy the thrills of a playground while supplying the community with handicap-accessible facilities and equal opportunity to play.

Romantic Activities for Couples in Summerville, SC

There are numerous activities in Summerville that provide an opportunity for couples to take the time and cherish each other. Here are a few things to do with your significant other in Summerville, SC, to make each other feel loved and appreciated.

  • Azalea Park – Walking through Azalea Park is the most picturesque activity you could take your partner on with azaleas blooming, intimate moments, and beautiful walkways to set the mood.
  • Couples’ Spa Day – If you’re needing a little self-care, consider a couples’ spa day. Getting a facial, a massage, or even a stone massage could be the relaxing day every couple needs.
  • Wine and Craft Beer – If a drink, a cheese board, and live music are where the love starts boiling, then check out a list of some of Summerville, SC’s best activities at night.

Engaging Group Adventures in Summerville, SC

The variety of memorable experiences in Summerville, SC, has made it a great day trip for a friend group or family. Cater it around a budget, outdoorsy vibes, food adventures, or a live music experience; there are plenty of options!

  • Escape Room – Test the strength of your friendship by going through an escape room! This challenge will require teamwork, problem-solving, and at least one person who enjoys solving puzzles.
  • Paddle Boarding – Summerville’s calm waters make it an outdoor exploration opportunity. Why not try it on a paddleboard? Try out the wildlife with an up-and-close look on the water, just do your best not to fall in!
  • Art Class or Workshop – Public Works Art Center is a central location to take a class or a workshop, learn new skills, or enjoy a challenging moment together. Maybe a pottery class is a creative outlet you need while enjoying the company of friends and family.
  • Hiking Trails – Although there are numerous hiking spots, Oakbrook Nature Trail is a staple because of its walkways spanning a 6-acre stretch of land. A nature stroll is a peaceful time to connect with family and friends.
  • Local Events and Festivals – You may want jazz with your brunch, a movie night outside, or to join in on the local concert series going on. Whatever it is, there are many free things to do in Summerville, SC, that could be the highlight of a day trip.

How to Pack for a Day Trip to Summerville

Your packing list for a day trip to Summerville will vary depending on what you have planned. If you’re just visiting for some food and shopping, you can likely get away with just the clothes on your back. However, if you have more outdoorsy things in mind, you may need to travel with a car full of equipment. If you’re a regular visitor to Summerville, SC, Universal Storage Group can give you the space to make day trips convenient and hassle-free.

Rent Self Storage in Summerville, SC

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