Self Storage│The Secret Weapon for Your Next Move

“Moving is so much fun,” said no one EVER. But, it can be a bit less stressful with planning, organization, and self storage.

One solution to your moving dilemmas can be renting a self storage unit during your move. Self storage and moving are compatible. When you’re involved in moving, you discover numerous items that you’ve forgotten about. You don’t want to discard them, but you don’t want to take them to your new home. With a self storage unit, you have the extra space to keep your belongings until you decide how to handle them. Most facilities have month-to-month leases, so you won’t be forced to make a long-term commitment. Additionally, U-Haul rental trucks are available at many self storage facilities; you can make use of them for moving that clutter into your storage unit.

Benefits of Renting a Self Storage Unit During a Move

Time Savings

When you’re moving, you feel like you’re short on time – and you are. If you rent a self storage unit and gradually move things in prior to moving day, you’ll relieve the time crunch. Look around and think about what you don’t use on a regular basis. You probably won’t be using your Christmas decor any time soon, and the punch bowl that serves 200 will also qualify for early storage. This not only saves time on moving day, but clutter in your new home. You can retrieve these items when you need them or once you’ve gotten settled. You may eventually find that you don’t even want some of these items, and you can donate or dispose of them when the moving chaos subsides.

Smooth Transition

In many cases, sellers have either sold their home before they’ve found a new place to live or are waiting for the building to be completed. This means temporarily moving to a hotel or staying with family. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to store all of your furniture in anyone’s garage. A self storage unit will provide you with a convenient, secure place to store your belongings. Month-to-month leases, available at most self storage facilities, give you the flexibility that you need in this situation.

Selling Your Home

When your home is on the market, decluttering is a must. Try to leave minimal amount of clothing and household items in your closets and cupboards. You can pack up the overflow, and move it into a self storage unit. With your closets almost empty, buyers can have the pleasure of imagining their own clutter in them.

Another consideration is staging. To make your home more appealing to potential buyers, most realtors will recommend hiring a stager to make your space look like a set on HGTV (not that it doesn’t already look that trendy). What do you do with the extra furnishings and decor? Store them. With short-term leasing, you can relax and let the buyers think they’re on the set of Love It or List It.

Downsizing vs. Upsizing

If you’re retiring and moving into a smaller home, be assured that a lifetime of accumulated stuff will probably not fit into your new space. Instead of discarding items that you may need and want later, lease a self storage unit. This will give you extra time to let your children fight over your belongings.

If you’re moving from an apartment to a larger home, you may need some storage for the extra furnishings that you purchase prior to moving into the new place.This way, you won’t have to pass up that great buy on a vintage velvet painting of dogs playing poker. Just be sure to put it in a climate-controlled self storage unit.

After the Move

As you’re happily settling into your new home, you’ll discover a plethora of other uses for your storage unit. Life’s transitions are always with us. Depending on your circumstances, you may start a small business, get married, or have a baby. The small business will expand, and the baby will grow into a teenager and then a college student. Nevertheless, the clutter will never overwhelm you because you have self storage.

If this article has persuaded you to lease a self storage unit prior to your move, check out our article on Money Saving Self Storage Tips. Happy moving!