The Best Storage Options for Ski Equipment

As the snow melts from the slopes and Colorado prepares for its sunny spring and summer, the ski season is winding down. Those who rent their skis and snowboards can simply return their items to the shop and move on. But if you’re an avid ski enthusiast who is coming to the end of your first season with your very own pair of skis or snowboard, you may be wondering what to do with them—as well as your boots, poles, and other equipment—during the offseason.

Fortunately, there are plenty of storage options for your winter sports equipment. Garage ski storage is always an option, but don’t forget the power and flexibility of Denver self storage. A storage unit can help provide a way for you to clear clutter in your garage and allow you quick and easy ski storage until it’s time to hit the slopes again. Either way, your friends at Universal Storage Group have some tips and tricks for you.

Tips for Ski Storage

Before you think about storing your skis or other gear for the winter, industry leader Kulkea suggests that you clean and preserve your skis and other pieces of gear. After all, skis are made of wood with metal edges—they won’t stay powder-perfect forever. Before you put your skis away for the long haul, be sure to:

  • Clean skis with a hose or in the shower and wipe them free of debris and water
  • Air dry if necessary
  • Remove any rust
  • Remove old wax
  • Apply fresh wax to the base and edges

Additionally, protect your ski bindings by setting them to their lowest setting, thereby releasing the tension and helping them keep their form for multiple seasons.

Ski Apparel Storage

From your helmet to your jacket and snow pants, quality ski apparel is key to a good day on the mountain. After every season, ski apparel should be washed, dried, and inspected for damage. If you notice any damages, pay close attention to your gear’s warranty. Otherwise, you can shop for new gear at an end-of-season sale. Always follow instructions, and don’t forget that different materials may call for different treatments.

Ski Boot Storage

Don’t forget your ski boots, either! Prepare ski bootsby wiping them down and airing them out—the last thing you want is to store soggy boots that develop mold. Inspect them for any cracks or broken buckles, and get any issues repaired prior to storing them. For poles, strap or tie them together and hang them near your skis.

Where should I store my skis and other gear?

Snowboard storage and ski storage is something you can accomplish at home, but you’ll want to ensure everything is properly packaged. Store them in an area that’s too hot and you run the risk of drying them out. An area prone to moisture could lead to rust on ski edges and other metals. Sun exposure could damage them. Assembling a DIY storage rack is a great way to decorate your home and provide for a way to store your skis.

Where does that lead you? Interior rooms work best, such as closets, spare bedrooms or even under beds. However, unfinished attics, garages, or basements can lead to damage, and concrete floors are porous surfaces that can lead to moisture damage. Instead of taking up space in your home, consider renting a self storage unit—even a small one—with climate control for maximum protection.

Why should I use self storage for my ski gear?

Depending on how much you have and how often you use it, ski gear and equipment can become a little unwieldy. Skis are long and snowboards can be bulky, and if you’ve decided to stash them away in a garage corner, they could easily get damaged by heat or moisture. A self storage unit allows you to place these items in proper storage without adding to an already cluttered space. This is even more important if you’re a ski enthusiast who doesn’t live close to the resort or slopes.

You don’t have to take it all the way home.

If you’re someone who lives outside of the area of Arvada or Centennial, you may not want to make the long trip back home with a full collection of ski gear. Frequent trips to the mountains are made much easier if you leave your snowboard, boots, or other skiing items behind in one of our conveniently located storage facilities. If you’re someone who comes to visit for longer stretches but doesn’t want to invest in an apartment or second home, a self storage unit can be a happy medium that gives you a good home base between trips up the mountain.

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Whether your ski area of preference is Loveland or Vail, Breckenridge or Copper Mountain, you deserve for your ski equipment to be stored effectively. A storage unit at one of our Denver area facilities offers you convenience, affordability, and peace of mind. To get started, visit our Arvada or Centennial storage facilities today!