Why Spring Cleaning is Important

Spring is finally here, and as the leaves begin to green, flowers bloom, and birds sing earlier each day, it’s important to take the opportunity to create a fresher, more inviting space in your home. It’s officially time for spring cleaning, which has more benefits than you might think.

Millions of Americans take part in the annual ritual of a spring cleaning routine, with almost 91 percent of the population participating each year. Whether you’re just finding motivation to clean house or you’re an avid spring cleaner, you might be curious about why so many people participate in the process of decluttering and cleaning your home or how spring cleaning got its start.

Why is spring cleaning so important? How did it get started? How does self storage make the process of spring cleaning in your home or business even easier?

What are the origins of spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning has its roots in a handful of traditions, ranging from religion to culture. Spring cleaning origins can be traced back to Jewish customs, specifically Passover, which happens in March or April. Some Christians traditionally choose to clean the church altar prior to Good Friday.

There’s also a bit of human nature that comes into play, too. Humans get sleepy because the winter’s decrease in daylight hours triggers melatonin to be released in our systems. As mammals who get energized by the increased sunlight of spring, we start seeing more energy, which in turn provides the “get up and go” you need to grab the broom and start sweeping.

Why is spring cleaning good for you?

Spring cleaning offers plenty of benefits aside from simply freshening up your space and making it more physically enjoyable to be in.

It can help you breathe. Seriously.

One of the biggest benefits to a good deep spring clean is how much dust and dirt it removes from the air in your home. Even if you’re not a fan of dusting, it’s a good idea to take a cleaning cloth to countertops, cabinets, and other surfaces to remove grime and dirt. Having your carpets cleaned professionally can help with this, too, especially if you’re a household that doesn’t regularly remove shoes before you come inside. Improved air quality can even make your home smell better.

It cuts down on clutter.

Did you know that clutter can subconsciously put you in a bad mood? It’s true! Taking the time to organize your closets or remove rarely used items from your home (and place them in storage) can help set you up for success. In addition to the mental health benefits—which we’ll touch on in a minute—removing clutter can give you the additional space you need in your home to take up a new hobby or repurpose an unused room.

It allows you to take care of “trouble spots” in your home.

Even if you’re a regular cleaning fiend, there are still parts of your home that might need some extra love. Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to wipe down problem areas that rarely get touched, such as baseboards and trim. Take a long-handled broom to the corners of each room to knock down any thin cobwebs, and don’t forget to dust ceiling fans and light fixtures.

How can spring cleaning help my mental health?

Clutter can be a visual reminder of all the cleaning you need to do, which in turn leads to anxiety about hosting guests or creates embarrassment. It can even lead to wasted time spent looking for lost items, which might make you late for important engagements.

A clean home is a happy home, and even the smallest acts of tidying can have a big boost on your mental health. Spring cleaning doesn’t even have to start with a full checklist of activities; take things a small step at a time, especially if you find yourself overwhelmed by the idea of cutting down on clutter. Simply wiping down one countertop or cleaning out one cabinet can start the process.

The intersection of spring cleaning and mental health is one of the most important details, so don’t ignore the benefits of even taking the time to clean one room.

How can I use self storage to make spring cleaning even easier?

If you’ve committed to spring cleaning and decluttering, there’s a good chance you have some household items in need of a new home. Instead of tossing them out, consider planning ahead: neighborhood yard sales provide a great opportunity to make money on the things you want to rid yourself of, but you still need the items out of your home in the meantime.

Self storage can be a great middle ground between getting rid of them for good and keeping them in your home. With an affordable self storage unit, you can choose just how much space you need and for how long. Whether you simply want to hold onto items for a month or two or keep them for longer, renting a self storage unit offers you the flexibility to “wait and see” without taking up valuable real estate in your home’s closets or cabinets.

Where do I find storage near me?

Finding self storage has never been easier, especially if you live near one of Universal Storage Group’s managed properties. Our facilities offer plenty of amenities to make storage simple and affordable. The team of moving and storage experts can help you choose a unit, get moved in, and plan ahead for how long you need storage.

Get a head start on spring cleaning and clear out clutter today.

Spring cleaning offers plenty of benefits, but you have to get started to enjoy them. Don’t let clutter overwhelm you and your family this season. Grab a broom or mop and get to work! If you need some additional space to keep your belongings as you move from room to room, visit one of our several area facilities to find space space that won’t break the bank!